The Cumulated Index Kewensis    

The Index Kewensis, first published by Darwin in 1893, is a fundamental reference work for taxonomists. However, locating specific entries means slow checking of many volumes.


The Cumulated edition, cut-and-pasted at Kew from the original publication to the sixteenth Supplement, greatly simplifies the search.

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  The Zoological works of Samuel Richard Tickell    

This pioneer zoologist recorded remarkable observations of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish of British India up to 1865. His 14 volumes of beautifully illustrated and annotated manuscript - like Audubon, taking care to place the animal in its setting - were never published, and are here link reproduced in entirety.



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  Prompt books in the Theatre Museum, London    

260 prompt books and actor's copies, including Hackett, Poel and the Old Vic.



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  Kemble Prompt books in the Garrick Club, London    

The complete collection of this illustrious actor, covering the period 1710-1821. With printed guide.



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