The Cumberland Maps    

A unique collection comprising over 4,500 military maps and documents in the Royal Library, spanning the four centuries from Agincourt to Waterloo. More than campaign documents, the maps can frequently be seen as instruments of propaganda, and all have significance for historians; many are works of art in their own right, by artists such as Stefano della Bella.


The collection covers Europe, North Africa, India, North America and the West Indies. Printed chronological and geographical indexes.

  692 colour microfiche. $12,000 ISBN 0-907716-19-9
  Plans of Paris from the Archives Nationales    

A valuable record of the development of the city, as well as of the techniques and skills of cartographers from 1640-1859.


Of special interest are the many details of abortive town planning projects. Over 200 maps. Printed index.

  60 colour microfiche. $2,500 ISBN 0-907716-54-7
    Two important collections from the Museum of Mankind (The British Museum Department of Ethnography).  
  Northwest Coast Collection of American Indian art    

A complete pictorial catalogue of the artefacts acquired by the Museum up to 1875, before the 'contamination' of Western influence.


From fish hooks to shamans' masks the collection provides vivid evidence of a strongly artistic people. 1,500 artefacts. Printed index.

  35 colour microfiche. $2,000 ISBN 0-907716-44-X
  Nigerian bronzes    

Over 530 images of the most significant African bronzes dating from the 14th.C to the end of the 19th.C.


Photographed to show front and side views together on each frame. Printed index.
9 colour microfiche.

  9 colour microfiche. $500 ISBN 0-907716-03-2