Soane drawings in the Victoria & Albert Museum    

The V.& A. holds an important collection of drawings by this highly original architect (1753-1837), designer of the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Bank of England among many remarkable buildings. His individual form of neo-classicism is again an inspiration to contemporary architects.


The microfilms reproduce the original drawings (catalogued by Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey) together with the volumes of engravings ("Designs for Public and Private Buildings") dedicated to George IV. The material includes many early designs and presentation drawings by Joseph Michael Gandy.

  2 reels 35mm microfilm. $320 ISBN 0-900853-40-X
  Adam drawings in the Victoria & Albert Museum    

The V.& A. also has a collection of drawings (catalogued by Alistair Rowan) spanning the range of work by the architect Robert Adam (1728-1792) from idealistic schemes made as a young man in Rome, through splendid finished drawings for great houses such as Mamhead and Osterley to the romantic landscape compositions of his later years.



  1 reel 35mm microfilm. $160 ISBN 1-900853-45-0
  The National Photographic Record & Survey    

This collection, in the British Museum Department of Prints & Drawings, records important buildings and monuments in Britain and Ireland between 1897-1904. The superb photographs show an urban landscape undisturbed by 'restoration' and portray the street scene of the day in detail. Over 3,000 reproductions, in topographical sequence, with index to buildings.



  79 microfiche. $710 ISBN 0-907006-44-2
  Historical prints in the British Museum    

The British Museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of historical prints, representing both the progress of the art of the engraver and a pictorial history of Britain and Europe from the 15th. to the 20th.C. The engravings provide extensive documentation of society, costume and customs, as well as major events in history.


The prints are in chronological order of event or scene depicted, in two sequences: British (approximately 4,000 images) and Continental (approximately 6,000 images).

  204 microfiche. $1,835 ISBN 0-907006-49-3
  Crace Collection of London views in the British Museum    

This fascinating collection was assembled in the 19th.C to create a comprehensive pictorial record of London through the ages. It includes engravings, drawings and watercolours, making it one of the largest and richest collections of London views.


The material is arranged topgraphically, in chronological sequence, presenting a unique document of social and architectural history. 8,000 reproductions. Two extensive printed indexes.

  8 reels 35mm microfilm + guides. $1,310 ISBN 0-907006-39-6
  Early Alinari archives: Art & Architecture in Italy    

Alinari were perhaps the finest art and architectural photographers in Italy during the 19th.C. The photographs in this representative selection of important buildings, churches and monuments in towns throughout the country were taken at the turn of the century.


There are major sections on Florence and Rome, with many pictures of frescoes, paintings and architectural detail; there is also extensive coverage of works in museums and galleries. Over 7,000 reproductions. Detailed indexes.

  122 microfiche. $1,220 ISBN 0-907006-54-X
  Achitecture & Monuments in France    

A unique photographic record from the French State Photographic Archives by the photographer Félix Martin-Sabon, active from the end of the 19th.C. The collection, reproduced in its entirety, records both important and interesting buildings and monuments throughout France, showing interiors and many details.


The particular importance of this collection is the extent of its coverage of rural and provincial France, before the ravages of industrialization, urban development and two World Wars. The photographs are in topographical order and a full index is included on fiche. Over 17,000 reproductions.

  137 microfiche. $1,235 ISBN 0-907006-64-7
  Paris views & early photography in France    

Also from the French State Archives, this series is in several sections; the first reproduces a detailed and comprehensive photographic documentation of Paris, from the end of the 19th.C to the 1970's, with over 6,000 illustrations, arranged by Arrondissement. An additional series of views of Paris and of other parts of France by the acclaimed Seeberger brothers and Eugène Atget are included.


Another section reproduces a large collection of portraits and fashion photographs by Nadar, father and son. The final section is a series of some 2,500 photographs, mostly dating from the 1920's, of architecture and monuments in Spain. 11,000 reproductions.

  118 microfiche. $1,060 ISBN 0-907006-69-8