Littlewoods mail order catalogues 1932-1980    

The dramatic changes in life-style, society and taste from the period following the Depression to our own time is shown to startling effect in these 50,000 colour pages from Britain's leading mail-order catalogue house.


As a catalogue of ephemera it represents an unmatched resource for students of fashion, design and advertising.

  584 colour microfiche. $8,130 ISBN 0-907716-42-3
  The Henry Dreyfuss Archive    

This remarkable pioneer of industrial design was responsible for the visual appearance of more everyday objects and environments than any other designer. Working between 1929 and 1969 his output ranged from the 20th. Century Limited to the Hoover vacuum cleaner and Polaroid camera.


His design archive at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, includes drawings, blue-prints, photographs, sketches and correspondence. Fully indexed. 6,000 reproductions.

  100 microfiche. $900 ISBN 0-907006-58-2
  Design Centre selection    

A photographic record of contemporary items of British-made consumer and contract goods selected by the Design Council for their high standard of design.

    Captions give full details of the products, their specifications and dimensions, price and names of designer and manufacturer. Printed Index.


  159 microfiche. $1,430 ISBN 0-900853-16-7
  The Journal of Design & Manufactures 1849-1862    

The essential resource for studies of early industrial design. In addition to illustrations and details of manufactured goods such as textiles, ceramics and metalware, the 'Journal' debated the major issues of design, copyright, education and the 1851 exhibition.


Articles by design educators such as William Dyce, Owen Jones, Matthew Digby Wyatt and the editor, Henry Cole. 6 vols (complete run).

  19 microfiche. $170 ISBN 0-907006-63-9
  Trade catalogues in the Victoria & Albert Museum    

The V.& A. has a large collection of British and European trade catalogues, from the 18th. to the 20th.C. This publication reproduces those which are fully illustrated.


The material gives an unprecedented opportunity to study the development of the industrial and social revolution in Britain and Europe over the last 200 years. Three sections: fashion, domestic and commercial.

  322 microfiche. $2,900 ISBN 0-907006-68-X
  Silber & Fleming catalogues    

These catalogues dating from 1876-85 are superb examples of the genre, with fine engravings illustrating an encyclopaedic range of architectural ironmongery, trade and domestic objects.


Sections are fully indexed and include such diverse items as musical instruments (banjos, harmoniums, grand pianos - ) and stationery (valentine envelopes, quill pens -).

  4 reels 35mm microfilm. $640 ISBN 0-907006-73-6
  Trade cards in the British Museum    

Trade cards were a local advertising medium in the 18th. and early 19th.C, and represent a unique social, historical and artistic documentation. Ephemeral by their nature, they provide a rare insight into a past way of life. Two collections, catalogued by trade in 133 categories, from Agricultural Implement Makers to Woollen Drapers.


THE BANKS COLLECTION OF TRADE CARDS: Mainly from the British Isles, with 1 reel of foreign material. Over 6,000 images.
19 reels 35mm microfilm. $3,040
ISBN 0-907006-78-7

THE HEAL COLLECTION OF TRADE CARDS: Examples from Britain and Europe, collected and annotated by Sir Ambrose Heal. 16,000 reproductions.
27 reels 35mm microfilm. $4,320
ISBN 0-907006-83-3

  Book plates in the British Museum    

A primary resource for genealogical research, book plates frequently represent a precise heraldic documentation and full and graphic detail for those seeking a family crest.


They also record the talents of artist and engraver. The FRANKS COLLECTION of English Book Plates has over 25,000 examples, in alphabetical order.

  10 reels 35mm microfilm. $1,600 ISBN 0-907006-88-4