The Dulwich Picture Gallery    

The complete collection of this fine but little known London Gallery, founded with works collected for the King of Poland in the 18th.C. Rich in Old Masters: Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Raphael and Tiepolo are represented. 750 paintings illustrated, with 250 details.



  14 colour microfiche. $700 ISBN 0-907716-22-9
  The etchings of Hollar in the Royal Library    

The works of Hollar, a contemporary of Rembrandt, represent an outstanding graphic reportage of places, people and events. The fiche, reproducing almost 3,000 etchings, also provide the captioned illustrations to: 'A descriptive catalogue of the work of W. Hollar' by Richard Pennington, Cambridge University Press 1982, ISBN 0 521 22408 X



  71 microfiche. $640 ISBN 0-907006-23-X
  The Wallace Collection    

This London Gallery is renowned for the quality of its collection of fine and decorative art. There are many Old Master paintings and important French and English works of the 18th. and 19th.C. There are outstanding examples of Louis XIV, XV and XVI furniture, and of ceramics, sculpture, miniatures and gold boxes. European and Eastern arms and armour is very well represented. Over 4,000 reproductions.
Printed index of artists.



  74 microfiche. $740 ISBN 0-907006-28-0
  Paintings in National Trust properties    

The National Trust is the principal body concerned with preserving the artistic heritage in Britain. The paintings, still kept in the former private 'Treasure Houses of Britain' form an important national collection for which there is no comprehensive or illustrated catalogue.

    Over 6,000 reproductions, with extensive documentation on each work and a separate sitter list.


  211 microfiche. $1,900 ISBN 0-907006-38-8
  Japanese wood-block prints in the British Museum    

One of the most important collections of Japanese prints from the 17th.C to the early years of the 20th.C. There are many rare 17th.C examples and several complete series. The prints are reproduced in artist order with typed captions recording the name and dates of the artist, date of publication of the print, translation of the inscription together with contemporary Japanese rendering, interpretation of marks and BM register number. Over 6,000 images.



  139 microfiche. $1,250 ISBN 0-907006-33-7
  The drawings of Raphael in the Ashmolean Museum    

The largest and most representative collection of Raphael's drawings, showing his work in a variety of media. 125 drawings, 31 details. Printed index.



  4 colour microfiche. $200 ISBN 0-907716-12-1
  Meisterwerken Muhammedanischer Kunst    

The Islamic Art exhibition in Munich in 1910 was a profound inspiration to artists of the day. In particular, the art of Matisse was as much influenced by the exhibition as by his actual visits to North Africa.


This publication reproduces the 3-volume portfolio limited- edition describing and illustrating the principal items in the exhibition. 510 pages of plates and text

  1 reel of 35mm microfilm. $160 ISBN 0-907006-43-4
  Artists' sketchbooks in the British Museum    

The Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum houses several hundred sketchbooks, acquired as documents for the study of the history of art. The selection published here covers the period from the 15th. to the 19th.C.


The majority are by British artists, and come from the 18th. or 19th.C (e.g. Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Edward Burne-Jones). There are also some famous pictures by Continental artists such as Marco Zoppo and Palma Giovane. Printed list of Artists.

  12 reels 35mm microfilm. $1,920 ISBN 1-900853-50-7
  Popular Indian paintings in the India Office Library    

An astonishing collection of almost 800 paintings, differing fundamentally from the style of Indian court painters and reflecting an art form now almost lost. Printed index.
ISBN 0-907716-04-0



  12 colour, 4 monochrome microfiche. $650
ISBN 0-907716-04-0
  The Burrell Collection    

A remarkable museum housing the collection of the eccentric connoisseur Sir William Burrell opened in Glasgow in 1983. This pictorial catalogue illustrates the complete collection, encompassing virtually every civilization and field of art. Particularly fine are the mediaeval tapestries, stained glass and French 19th.C paintings, including masterpieces by Boudin, Degas and Cézanne.


The Chinese pottery, porcelain and bronzes form one of the most important collections in the British Isles. Each of the over 7,000 reproductions includes a descriptive caption. Printed index of artists.

  104 microfiche. $940 ISBN 0-907006-48-5
  British 20th century war art    

The British Government commissioned a remarkable series of paintings and drawings to record contemporary scenes and events during the two World Wars. The result is one of the most important collections of 20th. C British art, now in the Imperial War Museum, London.


The artists depicted scenes on the 'home front' as well as the battlefield, making this a fascinating social as well as historical document. Over 7,500 reproductions; printed index of artists.

  122 microfiche. $1,220 ISBN 0-907006-53-1
  A pictorial history of science, industry & medicine  


The Science Museum in London was the first and is still perhaps the greatest of the world's museums of science, technology and industry. This title reproduces not only photographs of the most important objects in the collection, but images from documentary and other sources relating to the history of science and technology; thus the section on sailing ships includes pictures on Greek vases and drawings from the tombs of ancient Egypt. The 17,000 captioned photographs are grouped by subject into 135 categories, from Acoustics to X-Rays.



  294 microfiche. $2,650 ISBN 1-900853-35-3