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  Japanese wood-block prints in the British Museum    

One of the most important collections of Japanese prints from the 17th.C to the early years of the 20th.C. There are many rare 17th.C examples and several complete series. The prints are reproduced in artist order with typed captions recording the name and dates of the artist, date of publication of the print, translation of the inscription together with contemporary Japanese rendering, interpretation of marks and BM register number. Over 6,000 images.



  139 microfiche. $1,250 ISBN 0-907006-33-7
  Artists' sketchbooks in the British Museum    

Drawings in the British Museum houses several hundred sketchbooks, acquired as documents for the study of the history of art. The selection published here covers the period from the 15th. to the 19th.C.


The majority are by British artists, and come from the 18th. or 19th.C (e.g. Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Edward Burne-Jones). There are also some famous pictures by Continental artists such as Marco Zoppo and Palma Giovane. Printed list of Artists.

  12 reels 35mm microfilm. $1,920 ISBN 1-900853-50-7
  Trade cards in the British Museum    

Trade cards were a local advertising medium in the 18th. and early 19th.C, and represent a unique social, historical and artistic documentation. Ephemeral by their nature, they provide a rare insight into a past way of life. Two collections, catalogued by trade in 133 categories, from Agricultural Implement Makers to Woollen Drapers.


THE BANKS COLLECTION OF TRADE CARDS: Mainly from the British Isles, with 1 reel of foreign material. Over 6,000 images.
19 reels 35mm microfilm. $3,040
ISBN 0-907006-78-7

THE HEAL COLLECTION OF TRADE CARDS: Examples from Britain and Europe, collected and annotated by Sir Ambrose Heal. 16,000 reproductions.
27 reels 35mm microfilm. $4,320
ISBN 0-907006-83-3

  Book plates in the British Museum    

A primary resource for genealogical research, book plates frequently represent a precise heraldic documentation and full and graphic detail for those seeking a family crest.


They also record the talents of artist and engraver. The FRANKS COLLECTION of English Book Plates has over 25,000 examples, in alphabetical order.

  10 reels 35mm microfilm. $1,600 ISBN 0-907006-88-4
  Costume prints in the British Museum    

A pictorial reference of costume prints kept as 'Authorities for Artists' in the Department of Prints & Drawings. Filmed in chronological sequence by country (mainly European, but including Asian and savage' costumes) and grouped by type (such as ecclesiastical, military) or class of person, the illustrations represent a comprehensive review of both male and female fashion from 55BC to 1900. Over 8,500 reproductions.



  145 microfiche. $1,305 ISBN 0-907006-29-9
  Historical prints in the British Museum    

The British Museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of historical prints, representing both the progress of the art of the engraver and a pictorial history of Britain and Europe from the 15th. to the 20th.C. The engravings provide extensive documentation of society, costume and customs, as well as major events in history.


The prints are in chronological order of event or scene depicted, in two sequences: British (approximately 4,000 images) and Continental (approximately 6,000 images).

  204 microfiche. $1,835 ISBN 0-907006-49-3
  Crace Collection of London views in the British Museum    

This fascinating collection was assembled in the 19th.C to create a comprehensive pictorial record of London through the ages. It includes engravings, drawings and watercolours, making it one of the largest and richest collections of London views.


The material is arranged topgraphically, in chronological sequence, presenting a unique document of social and architectural history. 8,000 reproductions. Two extensive printed indexes.

  8 reels 35mm microfilm + guides. $1,310 ISBN 0-907006-39-6
  The National Photographic Record & Survey    

This collection, in the British Museum Department of Prints & Drawings, records important buildings and monuments in Britain and Ireland between 1897-1904. The superb photographs show an urban landscape undisturbed by 'restoration' and portray the street scene of the day in detail. Over 3,000 reproductions, in topographical sequence, with index to buildings.



  79 microfiche. $710 ISBN 0-907006-44-2
    Department of Ethnography  
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  Library Catalogue of the Department of Ethnography    

This comprehensive resource combines the catalogues of the British Museum Department of Ethnography and the Royal Anthropological Society. Of particular assistance to researchers is the Subject Index which cross-references material in very considerable depth, by geographical area and content. A Tribal Index with over 17,000 references places titles in their cultural context.


The separately available Periodicals Index comprises over 170,000 references to articles in over 1,000 periodicals from 1963 to 1989.

Subject and Tribal Indexes and Author Catalogue: 428 microfiche. $3,850
ISBN 0-907006-89-2

Periodicals Catalogue: 335 microfiche. $3,015
ISBN 0-907006-94-9


Special price for both sections: $5,840 ISBN 0-907006-99-X

  Northwest Coast Collection of American Indian art    

A complete pictorial catalogue of the artefacts acquired by the Museum up to 1875, before the 'contamination' of Western influence.


From fish hooks to shamans' masks the collection provides vivid evidence of a strongly artistic people. 1,500 artefacts. Printed index.


35 colour microfiche. $2,000 ISBN 0-907716-44-X

  Nigerian bronzes    

Over 530 images of the most significant African bronzes dating from the 14th.C to the end of the 19th.C.


Photographed to show front and side views together on each frame. Printed index.
9 colour microfiche.

  9 colour microfiche. $500 ISBN 0-907716-03-2